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November 17, 2012
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Jet Set Radio Stickers - SART by imagni Jet Set Radio Stickers - SART by imagni

Jet Set Radio Sticker set 1. [ Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed ] OFFICIAL ART


*SPOILER ALERT* Don't look at the art if you don't want game spoilers! :)


So here's my big and exciting news I've had to keep quiet about since July. As of today my artwork has appeared officialy in a video game. Not just any game either, but a epic hulking mass of a game, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Out today in Europe! Soon worldwide!
I was hired to create 40 bits of sticker art for the game which appears as unlockables and achievements/trophies. They ranged from a varied set of my favourite SEGA I.P's and i was pretty much allowed to go nuts with them (gotta love employers like that!). In the end certain I.P sets were left out but I'm very very proud to say that I'm one of the first artists to draw the Jet Set Radio cast officialy in many years ^_^/ It is a HUGE honor for me as i love the series so much!!

I'm allowed to show all my stickers since the game is out now. The 10 JSR artworks I have uploaded. The other 30 unused images I'll also upload since I want the fans to enjoy them as much as i did creating them. I don't want the unused stickers to be confused with official/in game. (as funny as it would be to troll people to search for achievements that don't exist.)

A MASSIVE thank you to SUMO Digital and SEGA. Also to SEGA Japan and the directors/owners who gave me feedback on my artwork, included or not. To have the original creators of both Skies of Arcadia and JSR tell me they liked my artwork is kinda a... big deal? XD
Thank you to the owners of Jet Set Radio for trusting me as an artist to draw your brilliant characters who I love dearly. You really made my dream come true.

This game is pretty much out NOW on ALL the consoles ever. So please buy it. The thought of my friends and family being able to see my art in a Sonic game and know that I got there in the end really means a lot to me.

I made it! I'm an artist ^_^/ *happy dance* Thanks to all my artistic idols who I can now say I collaborated with.

Dreams come true in strange ways indeed.

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Oi-Chibi Mar 3, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
so awesome!! *O*
and no wonder seeing these stickers were so much familiar its from the game. it must have been a honor to create these and be one of the 1st artist to draw JSR. i love playing this game and having a hard time 100% this game. i have YO-YO, Beat, and Reala on my license :)
iMikki-Chan0817 Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Wow! The peeps at SEGA certainly made a good choice in hiring you to make these,

these look amazing!

I unlocked all of those stickers! But I'm not sure about Gum's sticker I think I haven't unlocked that one yet Can someone tell me how to unlock that sticker? I want to have all of them :D
Hahah unfortunately because of a last minute decision that sticker was replaced by a sticker of Pots the dog by another artist (i think my sticker didn't shrink well for vita) . Sorry to lead you on a wild goose chase! XD;
Oh I already got that sticker! I play on the 3DS version and I do have all of them! Thanks XD
These are great! Can someone let me know how to unlock the "Ryth/Mew" and "Yo-Yo" stickers? They're my favorite characters along with Beat.
AW MAN! I love these! Hey I want to know your opinion on Space Channel 5. I'm not sure why but it feels like Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5 are somehow connected (not sure). Although I adore Jet Set Radio, there's no more love for Space Channel 5 anymore...why? There are no stickers of that game in the SART, why?
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